500-IR infra-red automatic cat door


Staywell 500US Infra Cat Flap White Blue Key 4 Way is the very latest in infrared cat door technology which ensures secure access for your cat. One of the most reliable automatic cat doors on the market! Prevents strays from entering!

Your cat wears a collar key that transmits a digital coded infra red signal to the door which unlocks the door. The range for the collar key is approximately 6 inches. One key and collar are supplied for use with one cat. Additional collar keys can be purchased for use with two or more cats.

The door is battery powered and programmable (requires 4 AA batteries). Batteries should be replaced every six months. It can be upgraded to run on AC power by purchasing a Transformer Assembly Kit. This electronic door opens using a programmed coded collar key. The key(s) is specific to your cat or cats and the door. This means that other cats in the neighborhood with collar keys (magnetic or coded) will not be able to open the door. In contrast, a magnetic door uses a simple magnet key. This means that any cat or dog with a magnet collar key can open a magnetic door.

Note: This door only allows cats with a programmed collar key to enter through the door. A collar key is not required to exit though the door to the outside.


  • State of the art infrared technology.
  • Audible low battery indicator (door emits a beeping sound when batteries are low).
  • Adjustable electronic relatch timer - Allows you to specify how long the door remains unlocked for your cat to pass through (2 - 20 seconds).
  • Built-in manual mode option.
  • Solid transparent flap with weather resistant magnetic seal and cover for improved energy efficiency.
  • Manual 4-way security lock - The door can be locked 4 ways: In Only; Out Only; Open or Locked.
  • Comes with a 2 inch removable tunnel for hollow or thick doors. Tunnel adjusts from 0 - 2 inch. Recommended for cats and dogs up to 15 pounds.
  • Maximum pet shoulder width is 5-7/8 inches.
  • Overall size is 9.25 x 9.75 inches (241mm x 252mm).
  • Cutout hole size is 6.5 x 6.75 inches (168mm x 175mm).