DT H2O add a collar for 1810, 1820,1830

SKU H2O-Collar add

Expand your DT Systems H20 1810 PLUS, 1820 PLUS, or 1830 PLUS system up to 3 dogs with these add on receivers. They can also be used to replace lost or damaged H2O 1800 PLUS Series collars or "Non-PLUS" H2O 1800 Series collars.

H2O 1800 PLUS Add-On collars are also compatible with DT Systems Micro-iDT PLUS training collars.

Programming your H2O Collar to match your transmitter:

1. Set the toggle on the transmitter to select the collar that is being programmed.

2. Press and hold the power button on the collar like you are turning the unit ON.

3. A small red light inside the Collar Receiver will light up solid for about 1 second, followed by 6 flashes. You must keep pressing the button during this time.

4. Continue to hold the button until the LED light stays on solid. The Collar Receiver is now in the Code Running Mode (the LED light will stay lit for approximately 8 seconds while it is in this mode).

5. Release the Collar Receiver button and press the NICK and CONT buttons simultaneously while it is in the Code Running Mode.

6. When the LED light blinks 3 times, the Collar ID is now programmed and the Collar Receiver is now ON.