Fi-Shock Woodstream Fi Shock HC-100 Portable Kit Electric Fence Paddock

SKU Fence-FSHK-Paddock-HC100

Portable Electric Fence Paddock

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Heavy-duty nylon bag contains everything necessary to install a portable electric fence to keep horses safe and secure.

Features of the Portable Electric Fence Paddock:

  • SS-2D is an above ground, battery operated Electric Fence Energizer with Mounting Stake.
  • Ideal for areas without electricity
  • Perfect Temporary Fencing.
  • Powered by two D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Flashing light indicates the energizer is working properly
  • On-Off switch for convenience
  • Battery Life will operate up to 30 days (running 24 hrs. a day)
  • Complete Installaion Instructions Enclosed
  • Made in the USA

Portable Electric Fence Paddock includes:

  • SS-2D energizer
  • Eight 4' step-in posts
  • 4 anchor stakes
  • 220' polytape
  • 4 guy lines
  • 2 clamps
  • Complete Installaion Instructions Enclosed
Portable Electric Fence Paddock