PetSafe AK50-601-11 Classic Pet Door Extra-Large White

SKU AK50-601-11

PetSafe AK50-601-11 Classic Pet Door Extra-Large White has a Heavy Duty aluminum frame built to withstand the stress from even the most powerful breed dogs. Wouldn't it be great if your dog could open doors? It could go in and out when it pleases and you haven't locked the flap. If you are away from the house for any length of time, your dog now has entrance to the yard through your new PetSafe pet door. A closing panel is included so you can keep our pet inside and undesired visitors out. The PetSafe pet door is simple to install. Merely cut a hole using the template provided in the instructions and screw the two frames together. Now your dog is free to relax inside or outside.


  • For pets up to 220 pounds.
  • Flap Size: 13.75 x 23 inches.
  • Frame Size: 15.5 x 27 inches.
  • GRIP-TRAK insulated.
  • Locking security cover.
  • Telescoping adjustable frame from 1/16 inch to 2 inch.
  • May also be installed in walls but additional framing is required.
  • Adjustable sill with strong magnets.
  • See-through flap design.
  • Easy-to-follow installation manual Installation and training video included.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • X-Large White.