Petsafe PDT00-10603 Yard-and-Park Remote Trainer

SKU PDT00-10603


The Yard and Park Trainer assists you in controlling your pet without a leash up to 400 yards. The unit can expand to 3 dogs with additional receiver purchases. The receiver is waterproof and adjustable to fit most dogs. The training manual shows hot to properly use the Yard and Part Trainer to make training fun. The Trainer can be used to deter unwanted behavior such as chewing on furniture, jumping on guests or digging. It can also we used for basic obedience training.


  • Remote pet trainer for long-range control over dog
  • Waterproof receiver and transmitter for reliable use in inclement weather, waterfowl hunting
  • 400-yard range for canine control while hunting, hiking, running, and more
  • 8 levels of electric stimulation; positive and negative tone buttons for training and basic communication
  • Expandable to 3 dogs with the Petsafe Add-A-Dog receivers; rechargeable Ni-MH batteries included