Quick Fit Pet Door-Small White

SKU P2-SW-11

Quick Fit Pet Door by PetSafe Even the smallest pets will be able to easily open the flexible vinyl flap ofthe Quick Fit Pet Door. Yet when not in use, the magnetic closure will keep outdrafts and pests. Installs in almost any door measuring from 1 1/4 to 2 inches thick. The sturdy, high-impact plastic frame snaps in place, no screwsor bolts needed. Also includes a 5-way closing panel that can be used to securethe inside or outside of the pet door. Tools you'll need to install the door area pointed saw or jigsaw, electric drill with 3/8 inch bit and a pencil. Othertools you might find helpful, but not required, are a level, measuring tape,hammer, masking tape and file. Complete installation instructions included. Let your pet let itself out.


  • High impact plastic frame.
  • Closing panel fits on inside of door.
  • Available in White.
  • The Quick Fit Dog Pet Door by PetSafe is the quickest, easiest pet door to install.
  • Flap Opening 4.25" X 7".