ScatMat Large 48" X 20"


Do you need help turning your bad feline or fido into a well behaved pet? The Scat Mat uses a persuasive, but completely harmless, static pulse to keep your pet from shedding, scratching, or doing their business where you don't want them to. Scat Mats can be used on furniture, countertops, doorways and even window sills. A few exposures usually do the trick. Use Scat Mats, Extension Mats and our Dummy Mats to tell your pets "No!" even when your not home!


  • Works when you're not home
  • Activation counter, tells you if your pets have tried to jump on it when your not there
  • One 9 volt battery will last approx 9 months
  • Can be use in almost any area
  • Can be used to keep pets off of furniture. Works great for use in doorways to keeps pets out of rooms.