Tritronics G3 Classic 70 remote trainer 1 mile Expandable

SKU 5780100

If you have the need to train multiple dogs at once, and want a simple, full size, full-range, durable dog training, then the Tri-tronics Classic 70 G3 EXP model is the one for you. This is collar has the same functions and options as the Tri-tronics Classic 70 G3 single dog unit, except it has the ability to expand to operate up to 6 collars.

This Tri-tronics Collar has 6 levels of stimulation and a one mile range. There is no longer a need to send your collar back to the manufacturer to add an additional collar; you can now do it at home. This model has three buttons and a two-position toggle switch, which allows you to control up to 6 color-coded collars. The unit comes with a black collar; additional collars are available in the following colors as well; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. The six levels of stimulation are now extremely easy to adjust with the improved stimulation dial on the transmitter. This new Tri-tronics model comes with a few excellent upgrades. The transmitters now have a shorter, fixed internal antenna which increased the range as well as increases the consistency of the range. The new design of the external antenna is much shorter which ends up strengthening the durability of the transmitter. The battery is now attached to the transmitter, it is still user replaceable, but a screwdriver is required to replace it.



  • 6 levels of stimulation
  • 100% waterproof
  • One mile range
  • EXP toggle switch which allows you to add additional dogs by purchasing additional EXP collars at any time
  • Internal antenna on collar
  • Can expand up to 6 dogs
  • Insulated contact point to provide consistent stimulation even in the water
  • Two sets of contact points, one for a short coat and one for a long coat
  • Adjustable black collar that fits dogs with neck sizes from 10-24 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • Two year warranty – no service charge or return shipping charge