Tritronics G3 Classic 70 remote trainer 1 mile nonexpandable

SKU 5770100

The Tri-tronics Classic 70 G3 is a great unit that still comes with the easy one-button transmitter that continues to be a simple trainer, with plenty of power behind it. This dog training collar is completely full-size and full-range, and is durable and rugged. With six levels of stimulation, one mile range, and the simple single button operation makes this unit the best for training your dog

This unit is not expandable, and is available in a single dog unit only. For the multiple dog units please refer to the Tri-tronics Classic 70 G3 EXP.

This Tri-tronics collar comes with a few upgrades. The transmitter comes with a shorter fixed internal antenna for longer range and consistently. It also comes with a much shorter more rugged external antenna which increases the strength and durability of the transmitter. Additionally the Tri-tronics Classic 70 transmitter has a permanently attached battery. The battery is still “user replaceable” it just requires a screwdriver to remove and replace the battery.

This shock collar is very versatile. It has the lower levels of stimulation that is great for obedience training as well as simple field training. The higher are great for overcoming distracting environments, as well as stopping your dog from doing something dangerous. This model has improved the stimulation dial so that is makes is easy to quickly adjust the intensity of stimulation.



  • One mile range 6 levels of continuous stimulation
  • 100% Waterproof training system
  • No external antenna on the collar
  • Simple 1 button transmitters
  • Insulated contact points to ensure consistent and reliable stimulation
  • Contact points are interchangeable to adapt to dogs with long or short coats
  • Made in the USA
  • FREE basic training DVD and basic training manual
  • Two Year Warranty – no service charge or return shipping charges
  • Adjustable black collar that fits dogs with neck sizes between 10-24 inches